This is for the unrepresented

We stand for honesty, truth and direction that points north. We want growth. Personally, spiritually and musically. We want to put every single universal connection we have into every lyric, note and chord we play.

We stand for the right things. Social equality, self imposed moralistic ceilings on capitalism, love, creativity and the soaking up of every atom contained in the human condition. Music is the only thing we have to contribute to the great collective that we know no one can tell us is wrong because we are doing it. No one can tell us we’re not qualified or that we’re not entitled to do it or don't deserve to do it because its from our core and we believe every single fucking word we sing. We've ionised over lyrics and melodies and chords and how things are presented so we can try to achieve in reality the way we process things and see them in our heads.

We’re about sticking two fingers up to the boys in the club who don't give a shit about anyone else. We’re about shouting from our lungs in the only way we know we can; since democracy has become as lost as every politicians moral fucking compass its only the arts left that give us hope...and thank fuck we’re artists. And we fucking are……

We’re about connection, we wanna talk about the moon and the stars and what makes you feel like you wanna jump off the top of the world, not what happened on Eastenders last night or the next career move you wanna make or how much money you take home in a year. We wanna find the real people and add fuel to the fire that burns.

We wanna be part of the revolution that will drag people from this bottomless pit that seems void of emotion and empathy for every human being. We wanna see a better world for our kids where it’s not the luck of the draw or what family your born into that depicts your life chances.  We wanna scream and shout about it.... Because no one is. We don't want to be in a band for the applause... Or the adoration of fans or the status. We want to be in a band because we want to see what this life is about in the real sense.

We want to make music with people who share the same frequency as us and connect on a deeper level, live, and we’re lucky enough to be able to do that and it's something we never take for granted. Being in this band is on our mind every waking moment and we're lucky as fuck to be able to do it.

We don't care about being the underdog or being ignored by people or playing to ten people at a gig. We don't really care about what anyone else thinks about it all either because we'll only play music we feel, and think, is meaningful and has purpose.

We've come for everything they said we couldn't have.